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Visit : to know the launch date of the official website.

XSL LABS : SYL First listing on Probit

XSL LABS :  Internet of Trust | Protect your Privacy

The goal of the XSL LABS project is to give people back control of their personal data.

Watch XSL Labs presentation videos on Youtube.

ICO has ended : This page will change when DApp ONE will be released

To participate in the ICO, you must verify that you live in a jurisdiction that allows XSL Labs to distribute the SYL through an ICO. You will have to verify your identity (KYC) after buying SYL.

Minimum : 100 $ in Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Purchase Bonus : 5% from 500 $ deposit / 10% from 1000 $ deposit

15 % from 2000 $ deposit / 20 % from 3000 $ deposit

Referral Program : 5% of purchases of your referrals


An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) aims to raise funds to launch a project.

You can think of it as a start-up and a start-up can succeed or fail.

There have been many ICOs and some have been very successful like Brave but others have failed. In addition, scammers have taken advantage of this system, hence the ban

on making and participating in an ICO in some countries.

The main person who launched the XSL LABS project is a well known Youtuber in the French

crypto community. Note that there are already more than 16 people working on

the development of the XSL LABS project and that the ICO has been a success

since they exceeded the minimum objectives they needed for a while.

This is from XSL LABS White Paper to give you an overview of the project.

Anyone can consult the full version of their white paper on their site available in French and English.

SYL : name of the native asset of the distributed ledger Pulsar

(it will at first be available as an ERC20 token).

XSL Labs : organization that will be in charge of the development of Pulsar, One, Connect, etc.,

the distribution of the network, the adoption, the evaluation of candidate-projects

for SYL and the equitable distribution of SYL.

Pulsar : distributed ledger with SYL as native asset.

Secure Digital Identity : set of data managed exclusively by each user

to permit digital identification.

ONE : central application of the SYL ecosystem, which brings together

a large part of the services offered through its extensions.

SYL Library : the dApp Store. It will also ensure the quality of the services and that they are

GDPR compliant. All services offered on the SYL Library will use SDI as a trust mark.

The Internet of Trust requires full transparency between users, actors exchanging data and legislators ensuring the respect of the law. Pulsar is designed to be associated with the procedures : • Know You Customer (KYC)

• Anti -Money Laundering (AML)

Thanks to SDI, each ONE user will be able to create a distributed profile that will include

all the personal data necessary for their secure interaction with the world.

It is up to the user to feed his SDI according to his needs or necessities, making it possible to identify himself faithfully with third parties by providing only the data necessary for each request. Each user will own one or multiple personal cryptographic keys, allowing him to be

the manager of his personal data in accordance with the GDPR.

Secure Digital Identity

SDI is a collection of encrypted user data. This distributed digital identity can be deciphered

with a personal and confidential cryptographic key that only the user holds.

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