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Make your own Strategy

Determine your investment capacity : wether in time or money

Determine your short, mediumand long term goals

Determine the actions to be taken to achieve these goals

1. TrustWallet can be a good choice for your your first wallet.

Free. Multi-Coin Wallet + Token ERC20 + Token TRC20

Install it on your Phone or on your PC with Bluestack : Wallet

(For more security, a Hardware Wallet like Trezor can be usefull)

Have more than one platforms that allows you to make transfers to your Bank Account.

Binance / Crypto.comCoinbase / Uphold

2. Choose if you just want to invest in Cryptos with money so you don't have a lot of time to spend on it : you will then have to determine the amount of your capital to invest,

how you are going to do it and choose the cryptos that interest you.

You can use DCA : Dollar Cost Average.

You can make your own method.

Choose if you have enough time for Faucets and Ptcs to get Free Coins.

Consider ways to get Referrals : Social Networks / Create a Website / etc.

You will need a lot of time for that.

You can use my Referral links and Thanks if you do, but the main focus of my site is to help newcomers take their first steps into the crypto world.

Choose if you can Trade or not.

Trading is not for everyone, you have to manage your emotions such as stress.

You will have to learn how to trade and accept the fact that you will only be able to envision possible scenarios based on indicators that will only increase your probabilities of being right about your trade decisions but you can never be 100% sure what the market will do.

Before you think about the profits you can make, think about your Risk Management.

3. What is my Strategy ?

First, i started to earn Cryptos on January 2017 through Faucets and Ptcs because i didn't have

much money (which is still the case but my crypto wallet is doing better since the price of

Bitcoin has increased considerably), but i have plenty of time.

My goal was initially to create a small, stable income with cryptos, so i didn't just have Bitcoin,

but it was Bitcoin that I was trying to get the most compared to other altcoins.

I tried many Faucets and Ptcs and there was many Scams.

You don't need to invest any money in these sites and i don't recommend doing so even though there are deposit options. I didn't lose money but i wasted my time so these are Scams : a job no matter how difficult the task is paid for in exchange for our available time and skills.

Then i started Trading with Binance, only Spot Trading for now and may be i will do other form of trading in the near future. I had to learn and i did some mistakes with bad trades.

I have no significant gains but I am more in profit than in loss because I do not have a

high trading capital and I am careful in my trades. In addition, most of my crypto capital

is in my Trezor Wallet for a long or very long term investment.

I also invested some money in cryptos but this is very little compared

to what I got with Faucets, Ptcs and Trading

Recently i have invest a very small part in Staking and Binance Earn.

I still do mistakes : i totally missed the Crypto Defi.

I was less active in cryptos in 2020 and anyway I had no money to invest during that time.

My only goal when i started trading with Binance was to increase my BTC Wallet

Now my goal is always to increase my BTC Wallet and to increase my new Altcoins wallets i have on my Binance account. I do not try to increase my BUSD (or USDT) Wallet.

I want to increase my Cryptos Wallets.

Define the crypto capital you want to hold for your long-term investment.

Define the crypto capital that you allocate to trading.

Refine your strategy !

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