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CryptoCurrency is still new and the Risk is not zero.

Many Thieves / Scammers will try to steal your money by different ways.

"if its too good to be true, its probably a scam"

"You have No Guarantee to get your investment back for all sites that requires an investment"

"Never Use the money you need to Live"

Respect Faucets Rules : Sometimes there are videos on Youtube for a FAKE FORK

These Thieves just want your Personal infos to steal your Cryptos on your Account

All Faucets or Ptc don't pay : Here some examples

(i tried many others, but they are closed now)

Many others Sites don't pay : Be careful for all investment's Sites

Like Bitcoin Generator, Bitcoin Doubler, Website Miner, etc.

Cloud Mining : Not a good investment

There are sites that just don't pay. New sites that will only make the first payments, so that more people come to their site. Sites that will pay only a part of their members and

never pay the others just so that there is payments proofs to attract people.

There are also sites that want to pay their members but are actually victims of hackers and can no longer ensure payments and must close. I saw one do it because it had taken my referral link and since i don't often have a referral, i looked to see if it was active. Ah it was not a small activity that he had, his gains skyrocketed in continuous mode... security can be expensive for a site.

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