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Publish0x : Social Network

Earn ERC20 Token (FARM and AMPL) to read Post

(Tokens ERC20 can change)

Referral Program : Earn 5 % of every Tip generated by your Referrals

Dashboard > Payments : Minimum Amount is 2 $ for ETH and Tokens ERC20

MEW and MyCrypto : ETH + Token ERC20 Wallet. TrustWallet can be a good choice too.

Add FARM Token (or any ERC20 Token) to Metamask (or MEW / Mycrypto)

Screenshots from Publish0x Tutorial


As you can see : You are paid to read

You decide how much you give to the author and how much you keep

You can't keep 100 % to yourself. You must give a minimum of 20 % to the author.

You can become an author

But : "During Beta, creating blogs as an author is limited"

Do not use AdBlocker for this site and as Faucets :

clicking on a few banners can also help them.


17/03/2021 : First Payment Proof (Token ERC20 : AMPL and FARM)

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