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POD Payment Coin

POD : Power Of Decentralisation

Digital Payment Ecosystem based on Bitcoin
Send Money Online to Anyone in the World
Fast Ranking Cryptocurrency Coin for 2018

The Official Website (Link at top "PaymentCoin POD")

Where you can Download your POD Wallet


Get an Online Wallet 

(Just Click Login to Create your Online Wallet)

And where you will find all the infos about this new Crypto Currency :




And More

How to get Free POD ?

A Faucet was made Recently to Promote POD !

And you will get Really Good Rewards (if POD have Success in Future)

(POD is new Crypto : May 2018)

Theres no Ref Link, i just want to share this with you :)

Here the Faucet Link :

I'm not sure this Faucet still give Rewards


You can Spin 5 Times per Day

(Faucet : Daily Win Limit, if you can't Spin or Withdraw, try it earlier the next Day)

Of course i tested it (18/07/2018) :

i get an Online Wallet, did my 5 Spins and Sent it to my Wallet

My POD was credited on my Account Balance after few times :)

(Wait Blockchain Confirmations > "Confs")

You can get POD here too :

More we are on POD and more chance POD will have Success !

So Promote POD too.

May be its a Real Opportunity !

And you should consider it before POD Rewards go Down !


You can Follow POD Value :

Exchange :

Follow PaymentCoin on their Site :


Youtube : :

Twitter PodBitcoin :

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