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MyEtherWallet (MEW)

This is a Free Service Wallet for Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC)

And Tokens (ERC20)

Create an Account (Access with Trezor Below)

Enter a Password

Download Your Keystore / JSON File

(You can save it on an USB Key or External HDD)

My Ether Wallet does not store any info, if you lose your Password and / or Keystore

You lose your wallet and Coins


MyEtherWallet with Trezor

You don't need to create an Account (Password + Keystore / JSON File)

Your Account Security is with Trezor : Connect to TREZOR

MyEtherWallet with Trezor

View Wallet Info

(with ou without Trezor)

Your Address

Account Balance

And below Account Balance

Token Balances

For Tokens that uses Ethereum Blockchain

Just use your ETH Wallet Address

With the Token Selected

(Or ETC Wallet Address for Tokens on ETC)

To Send Tokens on your Wallet

Do NOT send your Tokens to an Ethereum wallet that does not support tokens


Instead of Connect each time on MyEtherWallet to Check your Wallet Balance and Transactions


You can check it on Etherscan

Just insert your Wallet address on the Search Bar and Press Enter

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