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 Register with your Email : MoonBitcoin Uses CoinPot.

(Do NOT Register with your Wallet Address)

Claim every 5 Minutes or more, Dogecoin amount increases with time !

Loyalty Bonus : up to 100 % (100 days)

Claim once (or 2 to be sure) per day for not lose your loyalty bonus

Mystery Bonus : Nothing to do, its a Random Bonus

Referral Program : 25 % of Referrals Claims + 1 % Bonus (up to 100%)

Each claim and referrals commissions goes to your Coinpot Account

Withdraw : Connect to your Coinpot Account

Minimum 100 DOGE = 0 Fees

Register to BonusBitcoin will automatically create your CoinPot Account.

Login to your CoinPot Account with same Email and Password you used for BonusBitcoin.

BonusBitcoin >> Account >> Go to Coinpot

Register to BonusBitcoin, BitFun, MoonBitcoin, MoonDogecoin, MoonLitecoin,

MoonCash and MoonDash with same Email to link all these Faucets to your CoinPot Account.

CoinPot has no referral link, only the Faucets that use it have.

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