KsWallet is a MicroWallet

Many faucets use ExpressCrypto to withdraw your earnings.

You can generate a Wallet Address to Deposit but i do not recommand you to use

KsWallet as a Wallet, its not the purpose of KsWallet.

Dashboard > Your Recieve Address : this is what you need to claim on faucets that pays to KsWallet

(you don't have to insert your Wallet Address, only Your Recieve Address)

Referral Program : 

Exchange : Convert Coins to other Coins

Withdraw : 

This Review will be Completed sooner or later

i didn't really try this MicroWallet yet...

May be its not a bad idea to have an account, it can be usefull later. Who Knows...

i tried only TensorCrypto Faucet DGB

Thanks for using my links and happy earnings !

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