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FacuetPay : MicroWallet


Many Faucets and Ptcs use FaucetPay to withdraw your earnings.

You can Deposit but i do not recommand you to use FaucetPay as a Wallet,

its not the purpose of FaucetPay. It is a third party platform, you must have your own wallets.

User Dashboard > Linked Addresses : Save your Wallet Address

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Digibyte

Reward Points : buy Boost

Earn > Paid to Click : Earn Satoshis by viewing Ads

Receive 5 payments from faucets Before using Paid to Click features at FaucetPay

Live Chat Read Rules for Chat

Do NOT post referral link / Wallet Address

Offerwalls : Do Offer only if you want and you better not cheat if you do

Better give up the survey you can't complete

Coin Swap : Convert Coins to other Coins

Useful if Fees are high for BTC or ETH. Fees are low for DOGE and TRX.

DOGE and TRX can be exchanged on another platform.

Referral Program :

2 SATOSHI each time your referral wins a game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS.

0.50% each time your referral places a bet at MULTIPLY BTC.

50% revenue share each time your referral exchanges their coins at our EXCHANGE.

25% of the offer reward each time your referral completes the offer at our OFFERWALL.

50% of the PTC reward each time your referral completes an advertisement at our PTC.

Withdraw : Request Payment to your Wallet


2 Payments from FaucetPay paid within 24 Hours :

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