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FamilyClix and FamilyBTC

My Pending Payment on FamilyBtc was canceled after 25 Days Pending !

(it was my first Request Payment)

My Account was banned just after my last ticket,

and a new request payment (28/05/2018).

i never received this payment from FamilyBtc = SCAM

FamilyClix Scammed some Members

My pending Payments on FamilyClix (Screenshots)

Oldest since 02/06/2018 (11 Pending Payments)

They didn't pay all requested Payments = SCAM

Many other members were in the same situation, there is no reason to trust these Ptc

You should not waste your time and your money with them !


Be careful with PTC sites that use RR and / or AdPacks and pay in Dollars / Euros !

And with Sites that need a Minimum Deposit to be able to Cashout (Roi) !

Scam FamilyClix
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