I do not recommend you to use this faucet. Since May 10, 2021, the new withdrawal system is shit !

I will try to withdraw my earnings that I have on this site (which is not guaranteed) and if the withdrawal system does not change I will simply stop using this faucet.


Crypto Mining Game : Progressive Game

Since November 23, 2017 (Screenshot)

Home > Mining Room : Select your Crypto to Mine


(No CPU or GPU use)

Home > Jobs : Do Jobs Missions

(Cost : Energy)

Home > Skills : Upgrade to get a Bonus for Missions

(Cost : Skill Points)

World : Do World Missions by sending a Drone

(Cost : Crystals + Energy)

Bonus > Daily Bonus : Get a Free Bonus every day

Bonus > Mini-Games : Play mini Games and win various Bonus

Market : Create an Exchange Offer

Crypto, Cards, Crystals, CryptoCoinz, Mining Boosts, etc.

(Cost : Trade Token)

CMW > My Cards : Upgrade Cards to get various Bonus

(Cost : CryptoCoinz)

CMW > My Crates : Open your Crates to get Cards, Crystals, HPower, etc.

(Cost : Crystals)

Quests (Daily) : Get Cards and Crates

Mining Quests : Mining Time

Jobs Quests : Number of Jobs Missions Completed

World Missions Quests : Number of World Missions Completed

Games Quests : Number of Games played


Level Up : Increase Mining Duration

Number of Maximum World Mission



Referral Program : 10 % of Referrals Earnings

Withdraw : Directly to your Wallet (Minimum treshold can change)

Profile > Premium : Once you have reached 1000 HPower, you become a Premium User

(Profile > Elite : Elite Member : Subscription x $ per Month)

(My Account is Premium and i did 0 Deposit)