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Crex24 : Blockchain and Crypto Asset Exchange

Finally managed to verify my account and I was able to withdraw my Dogecoin that I had

deposited before. Recommended : Do not use money FIAT here, only Crypto to Crypto

I only trade the cryptos obtained thanks to the Crex24 integrated faucets

You cannot withdraw crypto until you pass Level 1 verification.

Exchange : Buy and Sell Crypto

(An Exchange is not a Wallet > Do not let all your coins on an Exchange, just enough to Trade).

It is a third party platform, you must have your own wallets.

You can earn Crypto by trading

Do NOT use Money you need to live. Trading involves risks.

Make your own Strategy :

Investments / Trading / And More

Faucet : Many Rewards (Click Here for Details)

Referral Program : 50 % for each Trade completed by your Referrals


Taker fee : 0.10%

Maker fee : 0.01%

Withdrawal fee (Bitcoin) :  0.001 BTC

Trade Order : Minimum 1 Satoshi

Crex24 : Trade a huge panel of Cryptocurrency (400+)

(ETH, ETC, LTC, DOGE, DGB, POD and many more)


First Deposit


Faucets : Free Crypto

Crex24 Faucet

Each Member can create a Faucet so theres a lot more to claim each day

than the list you can see on the previous screenshot


Here you can see what i got from Faucets in around 23 Days

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