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Cointiply : Bitcoin Faucet

Since February 06, 2018


One Roll every Hour

Roll a Prime Number and earn more Coins

Roll 99 999 and win the current jackpot

Loyalty Bonus : +1 % per day up to 100 % (100 Days)

Ptc Ads : Earn Coins by viewing Ads

Earn Coins : Play the Multiplier

Watch Video and Play Game : Earm More Coins

Offerwalls : Do Offer only if you want and you better not cheat if you do

Better give up the survey you can't complete

(Recommended Survey : Theorem Reach)

Daily interest : Minimum 35 000 Coins on your Cointiply Balance

Live Chat : Read Rules

Do Not post Referral Link / Wallet Address

Referral Program : 25 % of Referrals Claims and 10 % for Offerwalls

Withdraw : Directly to your Bitcoin Wallet and Minimum is 100 000 Coins

Directly to your Dogecoin Wallet and Minimum is 30 000 Coins

Cointiply uses Coins that are converted to Satoshis

if Bitcoin price flys up, your Satoshis Amount decreases

if Bitcoin price go Down, your Satoshis Amount increases

its a live Conversion based on Bitcoin Price

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