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Register to BonusBitcoin will automatically create your CoinPot Account.

Login to your CoinPot Account with same Email and Password you used for BonusBitcoin.

(BonusBitcoin (and BitFun) > Account > Go to Coinpot)

(MoonFaucets > Click on CoinPot Balance > Open Coinpot)


Register to MoonBitcoin, MoonDogecoin, MoonLitecoin with your Email !

Do NOT Register with your wallet address, no more Weekly Payments.

Register on these 7 Coinpot Faucets with the same Email.

Coinpot is a MicroWallet for these 7 Faucets.

You can generate a Wallet Address to Deposit but i do not recommand you to use

Coinpot as a Wallet. its not the purpose of Coinpot.

Get CoinPot Token from your claims and referrals claims.

Convert your Coinpot Tokens to Bitcoin or other Altcoins.

Convert your Altcoins to Bitcoin or other Altcoins :

Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin

Bet Games : As Bet Games, you have more chance to lose than win.

0 Deposit needed to Withdraw your Coins from CoinPot to your Wallets.

(You can just claim the faucets and withdraw when you reach the threshold)

Mail Confirmation for each withdraw

(Click the Confirmation Link)

Withdraw : Request Payment to your wallet

Status : Pending / Sent

Minimum threshold for each Coins : 10 000 Satoshis (BTC)

100 000 Satoshis (BCH), 200 000 Dashtoshis (Dash), 200 000 Litoshis (LTC), 100 DOGE

>> Do Not take Risk to get Ban <<

You should check Coinpot News and Terms

(For example on Coinpot News : "We do not have any official Apple/Android apps so if you are using any unofficial apps then you will likely be detected as a bot and have your account suspended")

Check Faucet Rules

Coinpot Dashboard

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