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Coinbase : Online Wallet and Coinbase Pro : Exchange.

Do not let all your cryptos on Coinbase, just what you need.

It is a third party platform, you must have your own wallets.

Referral Program : Bonus 10 $

1. Register with my Link.

2. Purchase or Sell for 100 $ worth of Cryptocurrencies within 180 Days (eligible country).

if you Buy or Sell for 100 $, You and Me (if you register with my link) Receive the 10 $ Bonus.

(Bonus available once per referral)

if you refer and your referral buy or sell for 100 $ (within 180 Days after Register)

You and Your Referral will get 10 $ Bonus.

You Won't Recieve this Bonus if you Register without using a Referral Link

Withdraw : You can Receive Cyrptocurrencies to your Coinbase Wallets

And Send Crytpocurrencies from Coinbase to another Wallets

Without Verifying your Bank Account


You need to make a small deposit (from your bank account) to your Coinbase account

in order to be able to withdraw from Coinbase to your bank account.

(The name of this bank account must match that of your Coinbase account)

You need to Verify your Bank Account to Buy or Sell (Crypto) by making a small deposit 

(Don't miss any informations provided by Coinbase or your Transaction may be lost)

With ING Bank, i was able to make a transfer to Coinbase. My ING Code : MKFWYEU

(ING can make referral programs giving a bonus for the referrer and the referral)

Be careful if you change your phone number and didn't change it to your coinbase account,

You can lose your account !

Exchange : Coinbase Pro

No need to register a new account, login to coinbase pro with your coinbase account.

(Same Email and Password)

You can earn Crypto by trading | Blog Trading

Do NOT use Money you need to live. Trading involves risks.

Make your own Strategy :

Investments / Trading / Staking / And More

Eligible Country (Buy and Sell)

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