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​From the creator of JavaScript and the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox

Protect Your Privacy with Brave : Web Browser

AdBlocker included

No Ads on Youtube videos (no advertising breaks while you are watching a Video)

"i'm still on Google Chrome for my Faucets and Ptc, but i'm on Brave to Surf on Web !"

Brave is not only Security, it's a New Concept

For Publishers : Website, Youtube Channel, Twitch Channel, etc.

Referral Program And Brave Tokens : BAT (Basic Attention Token)

Not a Publisher : Use BAT to Rewards your Favorites Website,

Youtube Channel, Twitch Channel, etc.

You can still use Brave without using BAT Tokens : Brave is 100 % Free to use !

(You Reward only if you want and when you want)

You can earn BAT by viewing Brave Ads (click here for details)

Brave For Publishers


Earn BAT with Brave


SEND A TIP... to your favorites Sites.

(Just click on the Brave BAT icon)

Send a TIP do not work with Free Domain as

Wixsite Free Domain :

Real Domain is needed :

Settings  > Brave Rewards

Turn OFF Brave Rewards and Brave will just be a Web Browser with an AdBlocker (Active by Default).

(Click on Brave AdBlocker icon)

Turn ON Brave Rewards and Turn ON Ads

Earn BAT Tokens by viewing Brave Ads

Create an Uphold Account

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