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Binance : Blockchain and Crypto Asset Exchange

Exchange : Buy and Sell Crypto

(An Exchange is not a Wallet : Do not let all your coins on an Exchange, just enough to Trade).

It is a third party platform, you must have your own wallets.

You can earn Crypto by trading | Blog Trading

Do NOT use Money you need to live. Trading involves risks.

Referral Program : 20% Up to 40 % For accounts holding 500BNB or More

(The fee commission will be sent instantly in real-time for each Trade)

My Binance Ref 10 % : We both get 10 % of Commissions for each Trade you filled.

You can use my Referral Code for Binance Futures : cryptowido

Referrer Country : France (my Ref Link may not work for all countries)


Warning : Binance No Bonus : 0 % for Referrals (Choice is Yours)


Binance Futures 

Binance has linked the trading fee commission for both the Spot and Futures

referral programs on 2020/05/11 4:00 PM (UTC).

The linking of commissions does not apply to users referred to Binance via the spot or futures referral program prior to 2020/05/07 1:00 PM (UTC).

Or if your referrer never opened his Binance Futures Account

In these case, you can use a referral code for Binance Futures if you never logged in before.


Level 1 : 24h Withdrawal Limit is 2 BTC

Level 2 : 24h Withdrawal Limit is 100 BTC

For Level 2 you need to send some informations as ID Card or equivalent

(For Level 1 : nothing to send)

Recommend to Enable 2FA : SMS Authentication or Google Authentication

Wallet > Fiat and Spot : Deposit / Withdrawals

Trade > Basic / Advanced

Account > Security


1 : You place an Order to Buy or Sell

(On Price : Default Current Price, you can change it of course)

Buy or Sell 25 % - 50 % - 75 % - 100 % of what you have instead of enter an amount

On Left (screenshot) : Red are Sellers and Green are Buyers

You can Try to place an order to Buy or Sell at the Price you want

But there's a possibiility that your order don't pass

When you make an Order, your Coins are deducted to your Balance

And if your Order don't pass, you can cancel it and Recover your Coins

(You can let an Order without time limit)

2 : To buy or sell, several pairs available : BTC or ETH or BNB or USDT and more

(BTC : Bitcoin, ETH : Ethereum, BNB : Binance Coin, USDT : Tether)

Minimum Order Value :

BTC : 0.001

ETH : 0.01

BNB : 1

USDT : 10

You can set coins as Favorites and create your own List

Fee are only 0.1 % and it can be reduce with VIP (8 Levels) by meeting the requirements :

Volume Trade (BTC) and BNB on your Account

Here an example


I bought 600 BAT (-0.1% = 599,4 BAT) at 2880 Sats (BTC)

And i Sold 599 BAT at 3274 Sats (BTC) to Earned 233126 Sats

Because we can't be sure what Market will do, theres a high risk to lose money

We can buy or sell too early or too late

A Coin can "fly to the moon" or a "Shitty Coin" could go down to 0

This is at your own risk to earn or lose money so do not use money you need to live.


Make your own Strategy :

Investments / Trading / Binance Earn / BNB Vault And More

Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad (Launchpool)


Deposit : Crypto / FIAT

Bitcoin or any other coin available on Binance

Do not forget your reference code when making a transfer (SEPA)


Withdrawal (Do not forget there is a Fee like all Exchange Platforms)

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