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1. Choose a Wallet for Bitcoin and Altcoin.

Hardware Wallet Trezor : Not Free but one of the most secure Wallet

There is many other Free Wallets : Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet (Apps), Online Wallet

When you install a Wallet : Write your Key Words on a paper (do not save them in your PC)

Restore a wallet : Crypto is real money, do not lose your Coins !

You can install wallets in another device and thus check the recovery system like entering keywords

For Most Faucets and Ptc, you will need to Register and Login with

a valid Address Mail or a Wallet Address.

Copy / Paste your Wallet Address on a Notepad.


2. Build an income with Faucets and Ptcs

Register with your wallet address or your email.

Fill the captcha and Claim.

Withdraw when you reach the threshold.

Faucets and Ptcs give you the opportunity to earn money from nothing except time !

(if you can Refer, you increase your earnings).

You don't need to invest / deposit your money to Cashout your Earnings.

You only need Time to build an income.

3. Select some Faucets and Ptcs

Respect Faucets Rules

4. Earn Crypto with Social Network

By reading Post / Watching Video

If you want to enter the Crypto World, you will have to build your own Strategy !

Determine your investment capacity : whether in money or time

Determine your short, medium and long term goals

Determine the actions to be taken to achieve these goals

We can make long term investments using an Exchange platform. For example : Medium or long term investments using a DCA (Dollar Cost Average) method can also be considered. We can also trade on these platforms but Trading is not an investment and involves higher risks.

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