Investment sites are third-party platforms where you only leave the funds you need on them.

I recommend that you check their reputation before investing your money.

You need a Strategy for investments and Trading

Masternodes, Mining, Staking Services (ETH 2.0)

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Internet of Trust | Protect Your Privacy


Buy and Sell NFT

Link NFT to App

Buy and Sell NFT


Code : MKFWYEU > ING can make referral programs

giving a bonus for the referrer and the referral

Free to Play Games with Blockchain = You really own your items

Monopoly like Game

(Buy UPX only if you want, Free to Play)

Collect NFT Football Card

Buy or sell cards at auction

Play to Earn, Decentralized Governance, NFT

Alice Token : Binance LaunchPad (end : April 8, 2021)

Card Game, Marketplace = Buy / Sell Cards with ETH

(only if you want, Free to Play)