Faucet Rules

Be carefull and watch out for scams !

"if its too good to be true, its probably a scam"

"You have No Guarantee to get your investment back for all sites that requires an investment"

"Never Use the money you need to Live"

Summary Rules for Faucets and Ptcs

Don't try to Cheat
No multiple account, no VPN, no Proxy, no AdBlocker, no Thor, no Bots, etc.

(Do not connect from a friend's home, cybercoffee, etc.)

Do NOT use any AdBlocker !

(Faucet and Ptc display ads to earn money and pay members)

Read the ToS  and Rules of each Website


Do not install anything from Popups / Ads

(Ads you will see in Faucets, Ptc or other sites can be scams)

Do not work on a single Faucet but on several

Clicking on a Banner Ad just once per Day (less or more) will help the Faucet or Ptc to live

(Of course, no need to register on these advertising sites)

Some Faucet / Ptc don't pay and it's just a waste of time.

Time is more precious than money, so they are scams.

Thanks for using my links and happy earnings !

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