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An exchange is not a Wallet, it is a third party platform where you only leave the funds that

you need to make your transactions. I strongly recommend that you have your own Wallets.

You need a Strategy for investments and Trading | Blog Trading

Buy / Sell Crypto : Hold / Trade Low Fees (0.1%), Ref : 20% Your commission kickback rate : 10 % Airdrop

Online Wallet + Exchange. Code : bdyjncthrg

Bonus 25 $ and 10 $ up to 2000 $ (read review)

Online Wallet (BTC, BCH, ETH and more) + Exchange

Bonus 10 $ / Airdrop

South Korean Exchange Buy / Sell Crypto

Stake, IEO, Exclusive

Buy / Sell Crypto

French Exchange

Metamask + Binance Smart Chain (BSC) + PancakeSwap

Cryptos are subject to volatility, plz do your own research

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