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Metamask + Binance Smart Chain (BSC) + PancakeSwap

There is no Referral Link for Pancakeswap or Metamask

Binance Bridge can be use instead of Metamask.

I use metamask because it's easier to have a single interface to do several things.

You can create different accounts for each site used with metamask.

Do not forget to write and save your Key Words if you need to restore Metamask.


You can check these data in Binance Academy

Binance Smart Chain uses the ETH address format. When withdrawing BNB from Binance to Metamask BSC : Select Binance Smart Chain in the withdrawal option.


Add Tokens with Binance Smart Chain Explorer in Metamask

PancakeSwap and


The proposed projects can be very risky projects so be careful.

The crypto market is young, volatility is high, do your own research

and measure the risks before making a decision.

We need BNB to use BSC and

For now, I uses only to stake CAKE (Pools > CAKE Pool).

Trade > Exchange : BNB to CAKE or Cake to BNB or others pairs.

Blog Links

Theres others features but i do not have money to use them.

I do not use Venus (XVS) so this tutorial end here.

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