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Basics : Blockchain | Crypto | Speculation


Blockchain is installed on computers that become nodes of the Blockchain network.

The more nodes, the more decentralized the network.

Each block contains information which is validated by the nodes of the network.

Blockchain is a chain of blocks. Each block contains information. In the case of cryptos, blocks contain transaction information. But a blockchain can contain all kinds of information.

Thus blockchains can have different uses such as traceability (for cryptos there is a traceability

of transactions), during elections, votes can be made on Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology provides a solution of trust between users.

Satoshi Nakamoto's contribution to the development of blockchain technology was a turning point.

The price of Bitcoin is speculative.

This speculation is based on the contribution of the Blockchain Technology developed for Bitcoin and which was the decisive turning point for what blockchains are currently.

There are of course other things to consider about Bitcoin speculation such as its scarcity.

There is no centralized organization that governs Bitcoin.

The decisions taken on the evolution of Bitcoin are consensuses between the different players

in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Like Miners, Developers, Users.

There are several types of cryptos depending on the decentralization of their

blockchain network and governance. There are governances that are centralized and

governances that try to be as decentralized as possible.

The Bitcoin Blockchain Technology is secure and open source.

Anyone in the world can view the code for Bitcoin Blockchain technology.

You must of course have the skills required to verify the code.

The blockchain guarantees that the transaction from one person to another has

been carried out and that the amount has been transferred and not duplicated,

which was not possible before having this guarantee without the blockchain.

Note that I do not have the skills required to verify the code of a blockchain.

I'm just trying to provide basic information in a simplified way to help newcomers

get a general view of this new ecosystem.

The crypto market is young, volatility is high, do your own research

and measure the risks before making a decision.

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