This site was made to help Newcomers in CrytpoCurrency to find sites that really pays their members and avoid scam. You don't have to invest money to cashout your earnings for

Faucets, Ptcs and Social Media.


Decentralized, Peer to Peer, Open Source and Blockchain Technology for Transactions.

More informations about Crypto Basics | Bitcoin | Bitcoin Bull Run

Bitcoin was created with Bitcoin Blockchain by a person (or a group of people) using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 (its source code in 2009), after the crisis of SubPrimes.

Bitcoin has a production cost : Mining.

Bitcoin is peer to peer (decentralized) and open source.

Bitcoin will undoubtedly be improved over time.

Peer to Peer : All transactions are recorded on all (main) nodes of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Decentralization : Transactions do not go through a third party like banks.

We are our own bank.

Open Source : The source code of Bitcoin can be accessed by everyone on GitHub

The blockchain guarantees that the transaction from one person to another has

been carried out and that the amount has been transferred and not duplicated,

which was not possible before having this guarantee without the blockchain.

Cryptos are an opportunity. When their values increase, it will be too late.

New in Cryptocurrency ?

Cryptos are still new and the Risk is not zero.

Many Thieves / Scammers will try to steal your money by different ways.

"if its too good to be true, its probably a scam"

"You have No Guarantee to get your investment back for all sites that requires an investment"

"Never Use the money you need to Live"

The crypto market is young, volatility is high, do your own research

and measure the risks before making a decision.

All monopoly is bad and all human organization is fallible and corruptible,

nothing has changed except the tools used.

Thanks for using my links and happy earnings !

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